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There are, in fact, only a few basic applications when it comes to landscape lighting. Much like there are only a few basic techniques to apply paint to a canvas or the mixing of words in a sentence. But as we all know, not everything we read is poetry and not every picture we see is captivating. The reality is that most of the pleasantries we enjoy in this world come from the inspired hands of men and women who take basic elements and mold them into something unique and breathtaking. I would contend that these are the only applications of this industry. Other contractors might disagree with this premise; however, I am of the opinion that with a strong understanding of the first three applications, one can create beautiful and meaningful landscape lighting masterpieces!

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The Guide To Landscape Lighting Design: How To Transform Your Outdoor Space

During the day you can enjoy a beautiful lawn, decorative shrubs, a wonderful porch or deck, and all the other fabulous features of your yard. However, once the sun goes down, all that hard work goes to waste. Having the right landscape lights can make your yard the favorite place to be in the evening. Before you can decide on anything about your lighting design you need to have a vision in place for the space.

If you want bright and modern, similar to the feel of walking around outside an art museum, go for bright white LEDs that are strategically placed to highlight architectural features of your landscape. If you want something bright and festive, consider using light fixtures that make a bit more of a statement or even different colored lights. One of the first things you need to account for in your lighting design is path and driveway lighting.

No one wants to stumble down a dark path, so having driveway lights can help you keep from running into the beautiful grass you spent so long cultivating. Also, burglars are less likely to rob a well-lit house than a dark one. For path lights, you may want to use lights that point downward. Entries are also one of the first things you need to plan for in your lighting design. A lit entry will make your home more welcoming to guests and keep anyone from sneaking up on your home.

You need to light all entrances to your home, whether you regularly use them or not. Decide whether you want one overhead light for your entryways or sconce lights that sit on either side of the door.

You need to make sure these lights blend into your overall lighting aesthetic. Decks and patios are where you spend time enjoying your yard.

Your deck needs to be lit well enough that you can enjoy those times without squinting to see your relatives or against the glare of too bright lights.

Use your lighting to highlight the areas of your deck that you use the most, whether that be a seating area or an outdoor kitchen or grill. You can use up-lighting to show off a patio umbrella or a porch ceiling while creating a nice ambient light source. You should also highlight railings to give your patio some definition and boundaries. An interestingly textured wall can be highlighted with a raking light that catches on all the edges and features.

Spotlights placed at the foot of a large tree in your yard can highlight its elegant reach and curves. Talk to a landscape lighting designer who has experience looking for these opportunities to bring out new features in your yard. The same is true of the rest of your landscaping.

Set small spots in ornamental bushes to show off their colors and shapes, as well as to define the boundary of your yard. Even a well-lit herb garden near an outdoor kitchen can be a beautiful way to bring an Italian class to your home. Light pollution can also wash into your house, making it hard to sleep and wasting energy. Try using shield bulbs with reflectors to concentrate light where you want it, making the most of that illumination. Having a good design for your landscape lights can transform how you experience your backyard.

The right lighting can make even ordinary landscaping seem magical and elegant. With a beautiful landscape lit correctly, every evening can feel like a scene from your favorite movie. Request a free consultation today and discover the beauty that can come out in the right light.

Skip to content. Path and Driveway Lighting One of the first things you need to account for in your lighting design is path and driveway lighting. Entry Lighting Entries are also one of the first things you need to plan for in your lighting design. Deck and Patio Lighting Decks and patios are where you spend time enjoying your yard.

Learn More About Landscape Lights Having a good design for your landscape lights can transform how you experience your backyard. Landscape Lighting Gallery. Interior Lighting Gallery. Request a Free Consultation. Start Project Details Done Are you replacing existing landscape lighting or purchasing landscape lighting for the first time? Replacing Existing Lighting. Purchasing lighting for the first time.

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How to Design & Install an Exterior Landscape Lighting System

As a lighting designer such dynamic lighting inspires me, from the dappling of sunlight through woodland canopies, to flat, overcast light enhancing the greys of bark on deciduous trees. However, when it comes to light, we must make sure that not only is the right ambience captured, but that the right hierarchy is also presented. This requires careful, strategic planning of even the smallest space. In the same way a landscape designer will carefully consider the size and mass of planting to create focal points and permeability, the lighting designer will use light to create contrast and drama to create focal points, depth, foreground, midground and background.

Outdoor lighting can illuminate your walkways and keep steps safer for you and your guests, while also giving your home a major design boost.

Bright Ideas Blog

Add the finishing touch to your exterior spaces with well-planned outdoor landscape lighting. When it comes to lighting your landscape, a little goes a long way. That's because your eyes need less light outdoors than they do indoors in order to see light, shadow, and pattern. To plan your outdoor landscape lighting, start with a walk around your yard at night. Envision how and when you want to use your outdoor spaces , and tailor your landscape lighting to suit those needs. When you're ready to choose the fixtures and layout, use these landscape lighting ideas, including tips for the best placement and how to avoid common issues, for a well-lit outdoor space you can enjoy long after dark. How light is seen during the day is different from how it is seen at night, a particularly important distinction when it comes to lighting pathways and other outdoor spaces. However, certain principles about lighting remain true indoors and out. For starters, light has intensity, or quantity emitted, and color.

Great Ways to Enhance Your Outdoor Environment Today – A Landscape Lighting "How-To"

It turns a dark corner of your yard into an inviting entertainment area. It brings safety and security to your front door. It transforms trees and plants into artwork of light and shadow. It keeps you from tripping over your kid's skateboard in the driveway. But all the decisions involved in choosing your landscape lighting design can be a bit overwhelming.

It was only a hundred years or so ago that electrical lighting was a luxury, not something virtually everyone in the Western world enjoyed.

Welcome to TouchStone

Monday - Friday: a. One of the concepts we have brought up in other articles is the idea of layering lighting. This is the practice of setting up various levels of lighting in a room to meet different needs, including area lighting, task lighting, and ambient lighting. Your outdoor space is no exception to this lighting pro-tip! Layering your outdoor lighting creates a safe and comfortable outdoor environment for you and your guests—and it starts with your landscape lighting design. In landscape lighting design, there are generally three different options you can expect: volt landscape lighting, 12 volt landscape lights, and solar powered landscape lights.

Beautify your home with landscape lighting design

One of the most overlooked aspects of landscaping is lighting. Landscape lighting design is about making your property more beautiful while improving its functionality, and it is one of our specialties at Odd Job Landscaping. Whether you are taking an evening dip in the pool or grilling up some dinner for the family, your custom landscape lighting design will make the task at hand possible. But more than the improved visibility the lighting provides, it also adds ambiance to the space. The subtle glow emitted from the pool pictured above in New Canaan, Connecticut, is reminiscent of a luxury resort, while the uplighting on the trees in front of the pergola creates an alluring space that would otherwise be rather gloomy in the evenings.

Knowing which flowers, trees, and shrubs to illuminate—and how to position lights correctly—is key to getting the most out of your design.

Light vs Dark: A Guide to Creating a Balanced Landscape Lighting Design

Landscape lighting is the ideal way to add drama, beauty and allure to your home exterior at night. Here are five steps for developing distinctive, functional designs to put your property in the best light when the sun goes down. Walk the landscape during the day and night to select key focal points: A stoic oak tree, a tall, handsome palm, a majestic group of juniper shrubs. Or hardscape feature a stone wall accented with fine travertine capstones, a carefully crafted facade, or even water features.

Benefits of Landscape Lighting

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During the fair the weather, often times our focus turns from inside to outside activities like landscaping. Tip 1: Before you plan, change or enhance your current outdoor space, take a moment to explore your yard at night. Consider how and when you will use those spaces during that time. This pre-planning stage in the beginning will help you make the right decisions. Your eyes need less light outdoors than when you're indoors to see casted lights, shadows and pattern; this makes it particularly important to plan accordingly when lighting pathways and outdoor spaces; using the basic principles of layered lighting is a good starting point:. Tip 2: Any fixture used outdoors should be rated for "UL wet location" use.

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Landscape lighting design

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We understand how your backyard and outdoor space are important to you and the quality of your life. We need to gather all the information we need for landscape lighting design. The design process takes the space layout, trees, foliage, structures, and architectural characteristics of your property into consideration. Once we gather all this information, our talented landscape lighting designer will propose a design and suggest a selection of the right fixtures for your project.

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