How to hide your fruit trees

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How to hide your fruit trees from the public

I’ve always been fascinated by fruit trees and the ways of keeping and protecting them for when I finally have my own back yard, the first thing I’ll be planting is at least a couple of fruit trees. The most obvious reason for this is because I love fruit, I love the way it feels in my mouth when I bite into a juicy pear, pluck an apple from a tree, and have that first taste of an orange. I also love the way that food looks, and the fact that it can nourish me is a bonus!

However, when the sun is in full display I prefer to keep my trees under cover, which of course will be very different from your home with no trees. The reasons for this are twofold, firstly, you are protecting the fruit from sunlight, and secondly, it makes the fruit look less tempting to those who might come into contact with it on the way to their cars. I ve also discovered that the fruit tastes better too!

A few quick tips if you’re thinking about getting a few fruit trees of your own:

1. Don’t go for more than 2 or 3 fruit trees, they have a tendency to overgrow. You don’t want them running rampant!

2. Choose fruit trees that require little maintenance. They will grow slowly but they won’t need regular attention.

3. If they’re pruned annually, it’s even better! It will mean that they grow to their maximum size, which also means you’re less likely to lose that tree.

4. The best fruit trees to grow in the UK are actually apples. Apple trees are the ultimate.

5. The main thing is to choose trees which will provide fruit in their autumns and the winter months. These are usually ones that are grown for winter and therefore don’t have a hard time of it!

6. If you want a tree that will provide all year, then you need to think about pears and cherries. There are lots of varieties available, ranging from dwarf to standard. If you have the space, go for pears. If you want to grow many fruits, then you need to go for cherries.

7. Think about where you will be placing your tree. Remember to place it in full sunlight, but not a direct one.

8. Choose a site with well drained soil and plenty of space to spread. You don’t want to be tripping over little roots!

9. If you want to move your tree, then choose a well established one that can cope with the change in environment.

10. Make sure you get a good variety of fruit, and not just apples.

11. Most fruit trees will produce more fruit the more you prune them! Try and limit the branches to one to three and you should be OK.

12. Never prune the roots. If you want to take out some tree, then just use a knife.

13. Once your tree has reached a size of about a foot tall, and a couple of feet wide, you can start to think about pollination. Once your tree is bigger than six feet tall, then you can start to look for some tree-pollinating bugs!

14. Look around and try to identify any pollinators that you can and have a go. You can try hand-pollinating if you are confident enough.

15. You can also have them pollinated by being next to them.

16. Make sure you keep your tree in a healthy environment. Avoid any pesticides.

17. Most fruits will need fertilising but don’t put too much into the tree. The idea is to balance it out.

18. If you are growing berries then you will need a fruit thinning machine to remove over mature fruits to allow new ones to ripen.

19. Make sure you put your fruit away and that it will last in the fridge for a couple of days. If you don’t they will all rot in a few days.

20. Have you ever wondered what happens to your tree when you go to get rid of it? If you don’t then you should! Here is a really nice piece of music which should help you understand it a bit better.

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What’s coming next?

Next time I’ll be discussing ways to improve the flavour of your fruits, what types of plants can be grown as fruit trees and of course what plants grow as fruit!

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