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While desert landscaping is just fine for your front yard, your backyard is a whole other story, especially when you have a pool in Phoenix. You want to create your own little desert oasis, filled with color, leafy plants, decorative rocks and a little shade. But in AZ, you should also make it a priority to build in some natural relief from the sun. Choose trees and shrubbery that will offer shade and complement the theme of your backyard for example, palm trees for tropical. And to keep maintenance down, try to select trees that are less likely to shed, such as an ash or mesquite.

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Creative Landscaping Ideas for Your Above-Ground Swimming Pool

Have you decided to install an above ground pool in your backyard? You're sure to enjoy years of fun and relaxation in your very own outdoor living space. Many above ground pool owners wonder if they should build a deck for their above ground pool. However, above ground pool decks mean more room to lounge and relax around the pool while keeping a watchful eye on swimmers.

Additionally, including a deck gives your backyard a finished look and provides safe walkways for guests. The style of deck you choose is determined by the type of pool you have above ground vs. As the name suggests, full-surround decks surround your above ground pool perimeter and hide the walls.

Full-surround decks are large in size so you can add all the fun features you want — outdoor furniture, grills, hot tubs and more! This type of decking comes to the top of your above ground pool, creating a flush appearance. Full-surround decks are often connected to the home for easy access, safety and a streamlined look. Wood is one of the most popular decking choices, but other fantastic options for your full-surround deck are composite or PVC.

Here are some full-surround above ground pool decks that are sure to inspire your backyard build:. Side decks are smaller than full-surround decks and fit to one side rather than surrounding the perimeter. Wood is a popular choice for a high-end look, but PVC, aluminum and composite are other excellent weather-resistant options. Looking for something with a little more pizzazz than the full-surround or side deck?

Combine styles for a custom look. Combination decks are limited only by your imagination. Some ideas are multi-level terraced decks or using a bridge to connect expansive areas! Optimum Pools can be installed inground, above ground or semi-inground.

Semi-inground pools are perfect for sloped yards and can create an exceptionally dynamic effect in your backyard. What are your options?

Your sloped backyard actually works in your favor here because you can create an expansive full-surround deck or cool-looking multi-level deck. Another idea is to build a side deck, leave the walls exposed and landscape with your favorite plants. Scroll down for some gorgeous semi- inground pool deck ideas.

The decking material you choose for your above ground or semi-inground pool deck will impact the look and feel of your backyard as well as maintenance costs over time. Real wood decking is a timeless, luxurious choice for its natural beauty, rustic appeal and durability.

Wood can be measured to your exact specifications, allowing you to customize your design. However, using pressure-treated wood or adding a wood stain or paint can minimize some of those problems. Want the look of real wood with easier maintenance? Composite decking is a blend of wood fibers and plastic, combining the strength of wood with the durability and longevity of plastic. Another key player in the category of durable, rot-resistant decking options is PVC or plastic decking.

Plastic decking is designed to look like natural wood so you can enjoy a beautiful-looking deck with minimal maintenance. Additionally, PVC or plastic decking is resistant to stains, insects and splintering, ensuring a safer environment for around the pool.

Aluminum is lightweight, resistant to cracks, mold, insects, warping and rust. While lighter than the other decking materials we listed above, it is actually stronger and more durable.

Want a more natural, organic look in your backyard? Instead of opting for a deck, consider enhancing the area around your above ground pool with a patio or landscaping. Above ground pool patios and landscaping differ from decks in that they are ground-level with all walls of the pool exposed.

Here are the five main types of above ground pool patios:. What is the best thing to put around an above ground pool? It is recommended to keep grass away from your above ground pool because you will have to trim the edges with a weedwhacker. This could cause damage to the walls of your above ground pool. Prevent this headache by forming a gravel or rock perimeter. Most above ground pool designs that are ground-level should have a gravel or rock ring surround.

The type of gravel or rock you select is not important, giving you freedom to be creative and find a product that looks great in your backyard. Enhance your ring of gravel or rock with plants.

Be sure to select plants that are pool-friendly for ideas, check out our Best Plants for Around the Pool guide! For a more structured look or for areas with colder climates, potted plants are a great solution. We recommend taking a similarly cautious approach when landscaping with trees.

Above ground pool patios made with tile or stone are classically cool and rustic. Opt to surround your pool with large-format tiles non-skid or stone-look work best here or stone slabs. Alternatively, lay a series of steppingstones from your home to your pool to form a walkway. Here are some of our favorite tile and stone above ground pool patio designs:. Looking for a traditional, old-world feel? The warmth and richness of red brick patios look fantastic in the backyard and provide a nice surface for hanging around poolside.

Want to hide the walls of your above ground pool? Stack layers of brick around the perimeter of your pool to conceal the panels. Check out these cool brick above ground pool patios:.

Concrete or pavers are a fantastic above ground pool patio choice when you want to conceal the pool panels and create a cohesive look in your backyard. Some companies now offer innovative hardscape pavers like porcelain pavers that resemble real wood. For a more classic look, opt for slab pavers.

Or for rustic appeal, try a cobble design. Lounge, sunbathe, and soak up time with family and friends—all poolside, thanks to your above ground pool deck. So how long does it take? Before you get too caught up in your dreams, read Old-growth trees that tower above your home and stretch their branches wide to provide a canopy of shade on hot summer days are wonderful. But many homes -- especially home Did you know that a swimming pool provides one of the best fat burning workouts available?

What kind of deck should I build for an above ground pool? Here are some full-surround above ground pool decks that are sure to inspire your backyard build: Gray composite decking makes the perfect place for lounge chairs or an outdoor kitchen. Pic from Flickr. This full-surround perimeter deck looks fantastic with two earth tones.

Pic from Pinterest. This full-surround wood deck surrounds a large oval above ground pool. Large oval above ground pool with wood side deck looks rustic and beautiful. Pic from HGTV. Large side deck with white perimeter safety fencing protects swimmers and neighbors. A rich wood side deck and colorful landscaping gives this backyard a joyful bucolic feel. This outdoor living space combines a small side deck with a large patio for a multi-level look.

This backyard connected their side deck to a brick patio to create this expansive combination deck. This amazing combination deck blends a small composite side deck, paver patio and gravel walkway. This semi-inground pool has a vanishing edge that creates an incredible optical illusion. Pic from Maytronics. This concrete pool deck complements the shape and design of the semi-inground pool.

Semi-inground pools like this one are perfect for sloped, hilly backyards. Pic from Houzz. This wood side deck fits perfectly against the pool and provides a seating area for parents to keep a watchful eye over swimmers.

Composite decking is available in many earth tones and resembles real wood. Small PVC side deck allows for easy entry and sunbathing around the pool. Why is aluminum a great choice for above ground pool decks?

Durability, longevity and stain resistance are a few reasons! Light gray gravel with slab steppingstones creates a lovely path to this round above ground pool.

Look at how amazing the addition of landscape lights in the gravel ring looks in this backyard! Hedges conceal the above ground pool wall panels without obstructing views. Ornamental grasses make excellent plants for landscaping around your above ground pool because they are low maintenance and require little to no water to flourish.

This homeowner landscaped around the above ground pool with plants but also included a small brick patio as a seating area. Stepping slabs scattered around this above ground pool provide a safe walking area.

Rough-cut stone surrounds this semi-inground pool. This multi-level brick patio features a raised planter for a beautiful country feel.

Using Pool Landscaping to Create the Perfect Backyard

Aboveground pools offer families the fun and relief from summer heat that inground pools do, but for a much cheaper cost. Unfortunately, a plain swimming pool in the center of the yard offers little in the way of landscaping charm. Splashing water can turn the soil around a pool into a muddy mess and bare ground next to the metal sides of the pool can make a relatively expensive installation look shoddy. Go the extra mile and landscape around your aboveground swimming pool. You'll increase your curb appeal while adding to your daily enjoyment of your backyard property. Dig the soil for a distance of 3 feet away from the walls of the pool.

The best swimming pool designs incorporate smart, functional and stylish stone pavers from Eco Outdoor for landscaping around pools.

21 Best Above Ground Pool Landscaping Ideas

Whether it is the rainy season or the hot days, people always think about the landscaping material to add around their above ground swimming pools. There are a lot of products that you can add, and one such item is stone. It also looks at other things you should know about these rocks. Where I have looked at the three types of stones you should consider placing around you above-ground facility. They are:. These are smooth rounded rocks that are friendly on your bare feet. You can choose to place beautifully colored stones in colors of tan, burgundy, and grey — they can easily blend with most themes. The above stones are quite popular with most pool owners and work effectively for landscaping purpose.

What is the Best Stone for Around Above Ground Pool?

Aboveground pools are more beautiful when you add some color, shapes and textures of landscaping around the pool, just basic landscaping! Today we bring you several ways to approach basic landscaping around the pool, to protect the pool while being easy to maintain. Gravel is important for drainage near the pool edge, and should slope away from the pool. After the obligatory gravel ring around the pool do not put mulch up against the pool , this pool has a two level brick path around the pool, lined with sunny planter areas, and potted plants around the wood deck and privacy fence. A raised planter bed around the pool makes a solid separation to the lawn and frames this pool nicely.

It is an exhilarating moment when you are swimming in a well-decorated swimming pool.

How much river rock do I need around pool?

Learn which plants thrive in your Hardiness Zone with our new interactive map! An above ground pool does not usually make for an attractive addition to your backyard by itself. It may be the largest item on your property and it can be an eyesore if proper measures aren't taken to frame the pool with aesthetically pleasing landscaping or design. There are many options for making the above ground pool one of your home's best features. Build a deck around your pool to improve its appearance and to make it more functional, according to Backyard-Landscaping-Idea.

What To Put Around Above Ground Pools

Turn your basic swimming hole into a relaxing oasis with these creative ways to use low-maintenance landscape plants, hedges, rocks and more in your pool design. For a low-water landscaping solution, opt for a variety of plants that can handle being planted in rocky, potentially dry, settings, like those in this rustic, Mediterranean-style courtyard. Creeping plants are the perfect accessory to pool areas where you want to soften the building materials and add a romantic touch to the surroundings. Echo the natural look of this stunning poolscape by installing a mix of tropical plants and flowering, creeping ground covers such as phlox to fill in the crevices and corners of a natural boulder border. Try out the " bed head "-style gardening trend in your pool landscape by pairing lush hydrangeas with scattered plantings of daylilies, ornamental grasses and more. This purposefully-overgrown look is a perfect complement to the sylvan backdrop and curved edges of this cottage pool.

Over the years, shredded recycled rubber has proven useful as mulching material for gardens, landscaping, playground surface, and even horse arena infill.

30 Backyard Pool Ideas

Experience the Omni Difference. Omni Pools. Schedule a Consultation:

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I am not a plant expert but I do know the damage roots can cause under a vinyl lined pool. I recommend about a three foot vegetation free area around the pool. This area should have landscaping plastic laid down and then covered with something. You could use landscape rocks, bark, patio pavers or any number of other things.

Are you looking to spruce up your amazing Above Ground Pool this swim season? Spring is in the air, and all the beautiful plants are making their appearance for the year.

We offer 22 different varieties of landscape rocks. View More Photos. We carry three colors of mulch: black, red, and brown. Mulch is great for enriching and insulating the soil while adding contrast to your plant life. We offer both mason and concrete sand. We carry six different types of driveway ranging from a quarter inch thickness to 3 inches. Loose stone in the construction of your driveway provides texture that is visually appealing.

Using landscape rock is a growing trend in landscape design and an especially good one for Florida Landscaping. Rock beds are easier to keep weeds away, easier to maintain than mulch and they look great for years. Using rocks in your landscape can really add diversity and interest to your landscape with all the variety of colors and textures you can get them in.

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